Industrial Evaporation

BUCHI has a long history in industrial evaporation. The instruments are designed to fulfill the expectations of our customers with reliable, easy to use innovative instruments for a wide range of applications in evaporation.

A big advantage with the Buchi rotary evaporation process is the potential to scale-up effortlessly. Whether using a 20 Liter scale for kilo-laboratory and pilot plant or a 50 liter scale for industrial production the process is comparable to the results from the bench-top instrument.

Large-scale rotary evaporators have to comply to stricter standards and directives. Most installations are working under GMP/GLP regulations and explosion-proof standards have to also be taken into consideration.

Rotavapor R-220 SE

The Rotavapor R-220 SE (Second Edition) is a further development of the very successful industry approved Rotavapor R-220. Many proven elements have been carried over from the original R-220. However, a few new features have been introduced in relation to safety and ease of use.

The R-220 SE is the only 20 liter rotary evaporator that offers:

  • fast, easy and safe way to fix the evaporating flask with the patent Snap flange coupling
  • patent Easy Clamp connections for fast and safe mounting of the glass parts
  • spring supported valve to prevent glass breakage
  • large 6” LCD display with all information at a glance
  • complete housing and bath in stainless steel 1.4404
  • safety package for every need
  • data recording on USB flash memory

Rotavapor R-220 EX

The BUCHI Rotavapor® R-220 EX offers a unique combination of explosion protection and user-friendly features. The electrical heating bath enables precise control and high performance with a temperature set-point between 20°C and 150°C, which can be entered via the digital control unit. Maximum product safety is achieved by specifying an upper temperature limit in each case.

Rotavapor R-250

The large rotary evaporators R-250 and R-250 EX are designed for rapid and low temperature distillation. Exact, reproducible operation with a high degree of operating comfort is possible. The “Scale-up” from laboratory to production plant is particularly easy.

The modular design allows the devices to be fitted according to individual needs in a flexible manner. Inaccurate heating with steam or oil is eliminated. In addition, the new Rotavapor® R-250 EX complies with the strict standards 94/9 (ATEX) of the European Union for ex-safety, which is obligatory since 2003. An important aspect to consider for your future, safe investment decision.

Rotavapor R-250 EX

The BUCHI Rotavapor® R-250 EX, with its electrical heating bath and continuous ease of operation, is a truly unique ex-protected rotary evaporator for global applications. The international standards (IEC and CENELEC) and the EC directives 94/9 (ATEX 95) have been consistently included in the product development. The results are sophisticated solutions without compromise for all Ex-relevant components.

Recirculating Chiller F-125

The BUCHI recirculating chiller F-125 allows efficient distillation independent of tap water. Features a display of set and actual temperature, wheeled mobility, and space-saving design. For cooling temperature of -10 to +40°C. FCKW-free cooling material R134a.

  • Optimally suited for use with a 20 L rotary evaporator
  • Integrated space for the BUCHI vacuum pump V-710 including its secondary condenser
  • Environmentally friendly and economic by saving up to 1000 liters of tap water a day when used in conjunction with a rotary evaporator
  • Increased process safety and reduced solvent emissions due to the constant low cooling temperature
  • Robust design in coated stainless steel housing for use in harsh industrial environment